Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sex Ed. and Anti-Bullying Bill Pass NC Senate Panel

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"A Senate panel has quietly approved separate bills telling North Carolina public schools to change how they teach sex education and to adopt detailed anti-bullying policies.

The Senate Mental Health and Youth Services Committee recommended the legislation Wednesday to the full Senate.

The sex education bill passed the House just two weeks ago. It would require schools to offer children in grades seven though nine one curriculum focused on abstinence until marriage and another with more about contraception. Parents would choose either one for their child or none at all.

The anti-bullying bill is opposed by conservative Christians who argue it would advance special protections for gay people."

It is surprising (yet not so much) that anti-bullying of LGBTQ people would be opposed by conservative Christians.

This leads to my question: who would Jesus bully?

Time to make "Who Would Jesus Bully?" red bracelets! WWJB!



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