Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movie: One Day You'll Remember

I've seen some good plays and movies lately, e.g., "Pride and Prejudice" at Playmakers (UNC) and "The Class" and "Two Lovers," along with "Wendy and Lucy."

I'm going to make some connections are reviews: I liked the movie "One Day You'll Remember." The movie (French) was about the seeping story of a Jewish family whose religious identity was hidden for years. Slowly, the matriarch of the family lets the story slip out in calculated ways as her son explores his family roots.

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What is memorable was when the matriarch of the family tells the young grandson to fight discrimination of every kind.

That includes discrimination against us.

But being discriminated against includes people who are disabled, because of the color of one's skin, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sex, age, class, and religion, to name a few.



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