Saturday, April 25, 2009

PCUSA: No to Amendment B

Well, that was interesting...and still is interesting. While Amendment B lost, there are more Presbyteries voting for this than any other LGBTQ related amendment to our Constitution.

And in 2010, we will vote again to start this rolling again.

And this time, justice will win.

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manxxman said...

You think???????? It looks like we got closer......but do you really think we got close enough to win next time.

Carrboroguy said...

In two years, think of all the states that will have non-discrimination clauses for LGBTQ people, the possibility of the over-turn of DADT, more states with civil unions and marriages, and anti-hate crime and anti-bullying bills passed in federal and state bodies of government. I think that as the world changes, so will the church, e.g., slavery and women's rights.