Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Illinois Bishop John Paprocki: Please Sit Down and Shut Up

This man is wrong on so many levels.

First: As a religious leader of a Church that has a history of child abuse going back generations, the last person who should be offering ideas about "discipline" is from the Catholic Church.

Second: who needs to be disciplined? For what?  Gay adults are not children.

Third: before you try to take the speck out of someone's eye, take the log out of your own.  Though my being gay is not a "speck" issue.

This is what the Bishop of IL said:

“To be opposed to the redefinition of marriage and to be opposed to things that are sinful, that’s actually a very loving thing,” he continued. “Perhaps it’s the permissiveness of our society that people think that if you don’t get what you want that you’re somehow being hateful, if you don’t give them what they want. But sometimes, like any good parent will tell you, that sometimes you have to discipline your child, sometimes you have to say no. And sometimes, you even have to punish.”
But to “punish” gay families is actually quite loving, according to Paprocki. “And when a parent does those things towards their children,” he concluded, “they’re actually being very loving by correcting them and showing them the right way to do things.”

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Lessons from Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

A few days ago, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of NC said that those same sex couples who had signed on with them a few days earlier (since Jan. 1, 2014) would not be recognized.  They must re-submit their application as individuals, even though they had previously enrolled as a couple, made possible through the market place of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)


Now: BCBS has reversed course today: they will welcome same sex couples who apply for health care through the market place of the ACA.




And money.

They know where the power is going to be in the coming future: with same sex couples being "normalized" into this country's narrative.

Here's the latest:




Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mr. and Mr. Card

Today, I was surprised by a greeting card at Flyleaf Bookstore in Chapel Hill!  It simply said "Mr. and Mr." or "Mr. & Mr."

The reason I was surprised is because I usually see these cards at boutique bookstores that have lots of LGBTQ cards.  But this card was amid other "normal" greeting cards.

While the laws of NC are prohibitive--including Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC saying they will not provide insurance for same sex couples--there are pockets of sunshine in the gray days of this state's existence.




Thursday, January 16, 2014

No Difference Between Oklahoma and Nigeria

Looking at the news today, Rep. Sally Kerns of OK has registered her opinion, as a lawmaker, that being gay is not a "human right but a human wrong."  

And in Nigeria, being gay (LGBTQ) is also a human wrong, to the point that imprisonment, and killing, is allowed.

Here's the thing: if Kerns had her way, she would go the way of Nigeria.

Link here to towleroad:

Pax!  B

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Fool and His/Her Money...

They are soon parted.

It is hard to watch Indiana go down a path of wasting money for a constitutional amendment (state) that will ultimately be overturned by the judges who read the 14th amendment and the constitutional right of "equal protection under the law." The loss of DOMA will lead to full(er) equality, legally.  As UT and OK can tell IN (and NC), this is a foolish, emotional, culturally silly move.  It may bring short term joy, but makes no sense long term.

As a gay dad, it just is a pain in the neck to read. I hurt. I cringe.  I want to fight.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nigeria is Dangerous

Along with the struggle for "equal rights" in the States, the rest of the world needs our attention as sisters and brothers who are LGBTQ are facing persecution daily.  God knows what will happen once the Olympics is over in Russia. In Uganda the modified "Kill the Gays" bill has gone into effect.  And Nigeria has arrested 38 out of 168 people listed as "gay". See more here:

The work of justice is before us.  This is a marathon. Civil rights, which encompasses equal rights, is to be the aim for ALL who are part of minority groups based on things we cannot change: sex, sexual orientation, race, age, ability/disability.



Thursday, January 9, 2014

Don't Do it Indiana! It will be a waste of money!

Indiana is wanting to join a club of loser states: amending its constitution to not allow civilization in re: marriage equality.  This seems like a great waste of time and money: time, because there will be a struggle on both sides of this debate, with countless volunteer hours vying against each other; millions going to print shops and web services.

I'm in OR, and they're going to be working toward amending their constitution, again, after amending in 2004 with Bush-Cheney campaign wunderkind Rove made sure they outlawed marriage equality. A wedge issue is responsible.  Now OR is moving forward, educating the many, with over 116,000 necessary to put this on the ballot.  They are most likely going to win, though it will be costly.   But the "mo" is on the side of civilization.

Indiana: make sure NC was the last to amend its constitution!  Don't do it!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Equality...NOT in Utah (or in most of the US)

News this morning from Utah: Gov. Gary Herbert says that Utah will not recognized the over 1,300 same sex marriages performed recently.

Utah, like NC, has a constitutional amendment that reads, "marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman."  It is all about discrimination of LGBTQ couples.

Utah, like NC, is and will fight the federal Constitution that provides LGBTQ couples "equal protection of the laws."

Next round is now getting ready: more "judicial activism," or as I like to write, more due consideration of the law.



Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What's Going on in AZ and NM? Is it in the Water?

AZ: there is a legal challenge to the ban on same sex marriage in that state.

NM: Gov. Martinez (R) is not going to support legislation outlawing marriage equality.

While I live in the South (NC) in which there is a re-entrenchment of the old bigoted attitudes of the South circa 19th century and the Civil War, these states--where there is a progressive movement probably with the moving in of "northern liberals"--are moving forward.

I write this in OR.  Right now, there are more people moving to OR, even with the lousy winter weather (gray here a lot though the sun was out the last few days), and more people moving OUT of NC, where there are fewer gray days. Better climatic weather in NC, I must say, but lousy, horrible, no good weather for marriage equality in NC.

Climate change time in NC.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying Portland, OR, where people--same sex couples to be exact--walk hand in hand with each other.

AZ, NM, OR, CA, WA...a place to live and prosper...



Monday, January 6, 2014

So Goes Utah, So Goes the Rest of the Nation: U.S. Supreme Court says "Hold (up), Wait, Let's Think About This!"

Well, the U.S. Supreme Court has put a "hold" on marriage equality in Utah.  No one seems surprised.  Justice Sotomayor received the request, and now the justices have put a "hold" on marriage equality in Utah while the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals reviews the case...again.

Everyone who knows legal issues better than I do says "nothing to worry about," and that this is pro-forma.

This is a marathon!  900 lesbian and gay couples were issued marriage licenses. This "hold" reminds us exactly who are second class citizens.

All this in the land of polygamy.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!


Wishing one and all a happy new year!

This new year found my son Parker in Prague with his mom; my daughter Adrianne with her boyfriend Scott in Asheville (though they just arrived back from MA); and my mom in Portland, OR.  Dean and I spent three weeks (give or take a day) in Waimea, HI, and are having a hard time believing it is coming to an end (got here on Dec. 16, 2013).

New adventures ahead in 2014.  Ready for