Thursday, January 9, 2014

Don't Do it Indiana! It will be a waste of money!

Indiana is wanting to join a club of loser states: amending its constitution to not allow civilization in re: marriage equality.  This seems like a great waste of time and money: time, because there will be a struggle on both sides of this debate, with countless volunteer hours vying against each other; millions going to print shops and web services.

I'm in OR, and they're going to be working toward amending their constitution, again, after amending in 2004 with Bush-Cheney campaign wunderkind Rove made sure they outlawed marriage equality. A wedge issue is responsible.  Now OR is moving forward, educating the many, with over 116,000 necessary to put this on the ballot.  They are most likely going to win, though it will be costly.   But the "mo" is on the side of civilization.

Indiana: make sure NC was the last to amend its constitution!  Don't do it!

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