Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What's Going on in AZ and NM? Is it in the Water?

AZ: there is a legal challenge to the ban on same sex marriage in that state.

NM: Gov. Martinez (R) is not going to support legislation outlawing marriage equality.

While I live in the South (NC) in which there is a re-entrenchment of the old bigoted attitudes of the South circa 19th century and the Civil War, these states--where there is a progressive movement probably with the moving in of "northern liberals"--are moving forward.

I write this in OR.  Right now, there are more people moving to OR, even with the lousy winter weather (gray here a lot though the sun was out the last few days), and more people moving OUT of NC, where there are fewer gray days. Better climatic weather in NC, I must say, but lousy, horrible, no good weather for marriage equality in NC.

Climate change time in NC.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying Portland, OR, where people--same sex couples to be exact--walk hand in hand with each other.

AZ, NM, OR, CA, WA...a place to live and prosper...



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