Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If you want your coffee bitter, white (and straight)...turn to "Morning Joe!"

This morning on "Morning Joe," I was astonished--and yet not that much--by all the support that Miss California of "Miss USA" fame got from Joe and even Mika--and the rest of the table--when it was mentioned that she answered "bravely" that marriage is "between a man and a woman." Perez Hilton asked her the question about marriage, and her answer--given that she is from CA, the state where Prop. 8 just won--didn't surprise me in the least bit. I expected it, even though she was booed by the audience.

And she answered wrong: we don't have a choice in this country between gay marriage and straight marriage.

Joe Scarborough called her "brave" for standing firm in her convictions.


That was brave? Calling a marriage something between a man and a woman? Brave?

Come on!

This country has yet to embrace gay marriage between two men or two women. It is still not as "high" as, say, civil union.


That wasn't brave.

Brave is living as an openly gay pastor in a committed long term relationship in the South.

Now that's brave!




manxxman said...

I've watched several programs do this story.......frankly Perez is not very likable so she wins the day. Yes her answer "in my country", yada yada yada was offensive, but remember that the vast majority of the people watching (and yes I know the gays love watching these contests.....though lord knows why) would feel that she was "attacked" and have been sympathetic for her.

I'm glad Perez asked the question, it does need to be asked over and over......until it becomes a non question.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

It was a cultural "snap shot" capturing where we were (once upon a time no gay marriage in America), to the where we are (some places gays CAN marry), to where we are headed: everyone can marry.