Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From Wedge to Burden

In today's nyt.com, I was amused and interested in the article about how the issue of gay marriage--a potent wedge issue for Republicans in the earlier part of 2000's--has now become a burden. With the recent comments of McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt, and McCain's daughter--both pro-gay marriage--it is clear that the generational divide is alive and kicking in the Republican party...as well as among Democrats. Please note, Democrats, we've not said "yes" in our platforms for civil unions or gay marriage.

Schmidt speaks boldly and rightly here:

“I think it’s likely that all our candidates will be against gay marriage,” Mr. Schmidt said. “But the point is this: There should be a de-emphasis on this issue. This is not the most important issue facing the country. In states where this has been made legal, there has been a collective yawn from the citizenry in a lot of these states. The party should focus on disagreeing with the president on the axis of issues that we agree on.”

Mr. Schmidt is 38 years old.

I think that the issue is:
* Generational based, with older folks against gay marriage;
* Class based: middle class to upper middle class for gay marriage;
* Religious based: mainstream vs. fundamentalist;
* Geographic: West and East coast for, and except for Iowa, middle states and South against.

What do you think?

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