Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Witty Riposte to You: Three Arguments For Gay Marriage (When Given Three Arguments Against Gay Marriage)

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan for this blog entry by Peter Sagal for what to say when given the three arguments that people in Iowa, VT, CA, OR, NH, NJ, MA, CT, WA who don't like the idea of gay marriage:

I was very happy to see that Vermont legalized same sex marriage, although of course, some people are very unhappy. There are three arguments against same-sex marriage, summarized thusly:

1) God hates it.

2) It’s against thousands of years of tradition.

3) It’ll ruin marriage for everyone else.

To which the effective ripostes are:

1) Actually, He told me in a dream that He’s all for it.

2) So was abolishing slavery, outlawing polygamy, and making women citizens, and those have worked out pretty well.

3) No, it won’t.

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