Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Update: NH is doubtful, and NY is hopeful

All the news re: LGBTQ marriages is being generated from the northeast/New England area. For example, even though several parts of he legislature have approved of gay marriage in NH, there are those other parts of the legislature that are voting it down. The state Senate's judiciary committee voted to reject gay marriage by a slim margin: 3-2. This is a state where Gov. Lynch supported civil unions and signed them into

Meanwhile, in NY there is a sense of Gov. Paterson--and NOT Rudy--jumping on the band wagon of supporting LGBTQ marriage. A marriage equality bill was introduced formally to the legislature the other day.

The sense of us who are LGBTQ being married, and it not being a "big thing" is thrilling. There will be more weddings than people thought when so many people who are still in the closet and are married--often because of the benefits--either divorce or simply choose not to be in a straight marriage but live honestly and openly in marriage with a person she or he is in love with and looks forward to living life together.



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