Friday, April 24, 2009

Rep. Barney Frank Rule of Outing Applied to the Church

This is an interesting issue I read on, in re: to the re-outing of Gov. Charlie Crist of FL. Rumor has it that he is gay.

The principal for outing him is the Barney Frank principal, which is in a nutshell the following: In short, the guideline is that it's acceptable to out those people who, from the closet, are working against what's believed to be the interest of the LGBT community at large. Click here for more.

Now here is the issue I'm struggling with: I know a lot of LGBTQ people in the closet who are making it hard for many LGBTQ people who are out being ordained in many denominations and churches.

What happens if we bring the Barney Frank principal into our churches?




manxxman said...

I don't know where I stand on "outing"......oh in a perverse way I want to know if someone "famous" bats for our side, even though he's purposevily striking out so as not to score any runs. I suppose if he's actually causing us damage while choosing to look something he isn't (read here she also) then outed they should be......yeah I guess i really do feel that way.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

IF I am being attacked as an out gay man by people who I know personally or publicly are LGBT or Q but in the closet where they work, in their marriage, then I am prone to outing them.


Been there, seen that, done it.