Friday, April 24, 2009

Miss CA Re-Dux

On, there was this link to Dan Savage's insight into the Miss California answer to the question about marriage.

Anti-gay attitudes — whatever motivates them — are increasingly less popular. No contestant would stand on that stage and argue for a ban on interracial marriage or come to the defense of a country clubs that banned Jewish members or condemn single mothers. All those positions were once considered thoroughly respectable, and people could argue for them on TV — pundits, candidates, beauty pageant contestants — without fear or repercussion. Not true today. It’s not that there are racial thought police, or anti-Semitic thought police, or single-mom thought police. It’s just that times and attitudes change.

We’re not there yet on gay issues, but we’re clearly getting there. And that’s progress. No one has to like gay people or approve of us. But we’re headed toward a time when advocating for anti-gay discrimination — which is what she did — she said that only “opposite marriage” should be legal — won’t win you any popularity contests.

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I think that Savage has it right here: while on the one hand Miss CA gave the sense that there is a gay-police force out to catch her for saying that wrong p.c. thing, the truth of the matter is she acknowledged that we exist as an "option."

That would've been impossible only a few years ago.



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