Friday, April 17, 2009

Being Bullied

As many of you know, Mitchell Gold has been responding with money and action in terms of young LGBTQ people being bullied. There is a great article raising issues about being bullied if you are LBTGQ, and it isn't the same as "normal" bullying. In this piece by Kate Harding on the 13th year of recognizing a National Day of Silence, Kate writes about a young man who commits suicide because he was being bullied:

Today is the 13th National Day of Silence "to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment and effective responses." It also would have been the 12th birthday of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, who committed suicide on April 6, after months of being tormented with anti-gay slurs by other children. Sirdeaner Walker, Carl's mother, told the Advocate "her son had been the victim of bullying since the beginning of the school year, and that she had been calling the school since September, complaining that her son was mercilessly teased. He played football, baseball and was a boy scout, but a group of classmates called him gay and teased him about the way he dressed. They ridiculed him for going to church with his mother and for volunteering locally."

Just a note: the kids of LGBTQ parents are equally taunted and bullied in schools, public and private alike.

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