Thursday, April 23, 2009

Q-Notes Gay Parenting Monthly Column

It is a done deal: I will be writing a monthly column on gay parenting once a month in the Carolina LGBTQ magazine/e-magazine, Q-Notes I am excited about this opportunity and the chance to talk about issues relevant to queer if all parents aren't weird, queer, exhausting, loving, revolting, abnormal, strange, delusional, impressive, courageous, and bold!

Send in your thoughts and ideas of what should be addressed.

What I especially like is that in this bi-monthly publication (twice a month), the space in which I will be writing will be shared with a young person who is LGBTQ.

Say a prayer! Wish us well!




manxxman said...

I remember when my father (will actually it was my mother telling me about my father, typical of him) came out. I was stunned, didn't know what to all along I knew I was queer and then this. I was furious with my father. Things never really got better......I suppose I feel bad about that now, as he passed away a year ago (age 89). All this happened in 1970.....people believed in "free love", but now "queer love" and I so wanted to be "normal".

I suppose what I'm saying here is how do you address your children, especially young adult children, when coming out.

Congrats about the column. I hope you post it here each time it's written.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

That is an excellent issue! And one that I addressed in The Advocate article, but needs to be followed up. Thanks!