Thursday, April 2, 2009

As Goes, Um, Iowa, So Goes the Nation

What I love about "bell weather states" (and aren't we all in bell-weather states during an election?) is that there is the predictable line: as goes "____________" fill in the blank, "so goes the nation."

So, Iowa's Supreme Court is going to make a decision tomorrow (according to, and about gay marriage as equal marriage:

An Iowa Supreme Court ruling that could change the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples is likely to be issued Friday morning.

The case, Varnum vs. Brien, involves six same-sex Iowa couples who sued Polk County Recorder Timothy Brien in 2005 after his office denied them marriage licenses. Polk County District Judge Robert Hanson sided with the couples last year but then suspended his decision pending a high court ruling.

The case could have consequences outside the state’s borders. Iowa could become the first Midwestern state, and the fourth in the nation, to allow same-sex marriage if the court sides with the gay couples.

Let's hope that tomorrow will be a celebratory "first" for Iowa AND the nation!

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