Tuesday, April 14, 2009

flurry of news

Seeing all the websites, there is something abuzz in this country:
* Rev. Rick Warren got caught telling at least a fib: "I was against gay marriage before I was for it," a.k.a., the flip flop;
* Gov. Paterson of NY is interested in pushing the idea of legalizing same sex marriage in NY (our weddings are good for the economy, Californians!);
* Iowans are standing firm on gay marriage, despite death threats;

And, yes, ON BEING A GAY PARENT number on where it is on the best seller list is absent!




Jeve said...

Crossing fingers on legalizing same sex marriage in NY (and you on the best seller list!)

manxxman said...

Do we start to boycott Amazon?

I just purchased a passel of gay books (about 14) two weeks ago. I can spend my money elsewhere.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Paterson is moving forward with his decision toward making NY a state where gay marriages are equal with straight marriages. As for amazon.com, the listings are back. And I would like more people to pick up my book wherever they can find it!
Thanks for the good comments!

manxxman said...

I have two friends in Seattle that have been working hard to adopt a child and when they get close I'll order it for them from Amazon. Good luck with the sales.

Carrboroguy said...

Thanks! I appreciate the support. I am still getting offers for book readings/signings, and would love to figure out how to get onto the "Today Show" with Matt (he must need the book) or GMA with Sam (he must need the book) or Oprah (she must need the book). B