Friday, May 1, 2009

LGBTQ People in Military Service: We've Been There, Are There, and Will Be Forever There!

In, there was an article about military academy cadets and their views of LGBTQ serving openly in the service. In other words, dropping Don't Ask Don't Tell DADT.

Here was an interesting poll:

Polls now show that the majority of Americans support openly gay service — a majority did not in 1993 — but there have been no recent broad surveys of the current 1.4 million active-duty service members. A 2008 census by The Military Times of predominantly Republican and largely older subscribers found that 58 percent were opposed to efforts to repeal the policy; in 2006, a poll by Zogby International of 545 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans found that three-quarters were comfortable around gay service members.

More here.

Reality check: we've been part of the military service, are in the military services, and will continue to be, whether there is an overturn of DADT or not.

Same with communities of faith: we've been there, are there, and will continue to live within and among all communities, as leaders, artisans, etc.


Tiring, huh? My eyes hurt as I had to read this in my Friday morning stupor.

Time to move on.



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