Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Rev. Scott Rennie: Hero of the Church of Scotland

This on the Rev. Scott Rennie was confirmed, affirmed and O.K.'d as a pastor in the Church of Scotland, evenly though he is openly gay.

Here was the twist: even though the Old and New Testament arguments were used (again), the case was successfully made that what the Old and New Testaments referred to is not the same as the modern understanding and practice of what it means to be "gay" today.

Here was an interesting line at the end about the Church of Scotland hoping to be the exclusive body of Christ:

Ewen Gilchrist, interim moderator at Queen's Cross Church, was quoted by PA as saying: "It's a good decision for the General Assembly to have made because it sends out a message that we desire to be welcoming, accepting and inclusive. "The issue of sexual orientation and Scriptural authority is something that has to be wrestled with and cannot be hidden away.:

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This is extremely good news. Though we've used this argument through the PCUSA (as have other major denominations), it didn't have the certain gravity to it that it did in the Church of Scotland. Context matters! Church of Scotland was more receptive to that argument: modern construction of being LGBTQ is not the same as what was being portrayed in the Scriptures.

All I can say is: "Thanks be to God."



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