Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Same Sex America: A Must See

This morning--amid the news reports of a new supreme court nominee, the CA Supreme Court outcome, the Joint Chief of Staff's reluctance toward repealing DADT--I happened to watch "Same Sex America" on Logo tv. Directv does this to me: it throws out a few free days of these shows in order to trap me.

It may work this time.

At least I will get the DVD Same Sex America.

What an incredible documentary. While "For the Bible Tells Me So" is good, this show was even more powerful as it documents the lives of couples who are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the MA move toward a Constitutional Convention to ban same sex marriage, only to have it defeated.

I cried toward the end.

I was moved.

Watching the children, moms and dads, and grandparents interacting with each other, discussing the impact of this civil right enacted--so that all may marry--was profound.

Please see it!



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