Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clinton's View on Gay Marriage: "Evolving"?


I guess that is good...and about time.

I hope he told his old--or is that former--friend David Mixner, who couldn't believe the game Bill was playing in re to DADT.

On ABC-TV News:

On the issue of gay marriage -- which Clinton, like President Obama, personally opposes -- Clinton said of his position: "Frankly, it's evolving" as he sees more committed gay couples raising kids....

Clinton also expressed optimism that the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” -- which he helped enact -- will eventually come off the books, allowing gay members of the armed services to serve openly.

"I think that time will lead to a repeal of this ban,” Clinton said.

All I can say is this: it is about time; better late than never.

Of course, Bush is still "no" on both of the above issues. No evolutionary thinking going on there (I know, cheap dig).

Hopefully, Obama will move quickly on this issue so that he too will not be late to the dance.

On another note:

Off on pilgrimage to Chimayo, walking 100 miles in 6 days. Buen camino!



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manxxman said...

His views are "evolving"......I suppose that would be a good thing, but sometimes I wonder how long that piece of string is?????????

As for can anything evolve with that man when everyone knows he a "creationist" guy.