Friday, May 15, 2009

Jon Stewart (Daily Show) on Obama's Reluctance to do ANYTHING on DADT

Stewart and the Daily Show crew were "on" last night (5/14/09) in re: to the DADT issue and the Obama Administration. So far, even though "Candidate" Sen. Obama was for the repeal of DADT, President Obama has let Sec. Gates let us know that they aren't going to move quickly on this issue.


Stewart talks about the photos that are in the center of the torture debate, and how hard the Administration is now fighting from having those released, but is slow to deal with DADT...well, that's how I read it. In other words, they are quick to move on some issues but not others. Sullivan and Savage are also aware that this Administration has done nothing for LGBTQ people.

Here's the clip: click on this:


Pace, B

p.s., oh: Savage and Sullivan are right: this Administration has done little to nothing for LGBTQ people. Savage gave them an F in the grading world of MSM.

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