Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcoming Churches

I'm working on a study for the Presbyterian Pub. Co. latest curriculum for the Church, "The Thoughtful Christian," which my good friend David Maxwell edits. The study is on the practices of the Church being more welcome to people with disabilities. Having a history of writing and speaking out on the subject of people with disabilities in the Church, I am, yes, aware of the parallel with being an advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQ people in the Church.

Very aware.

Psychologically, I am aware that what I was writing about people with disabilities in the Church could easily be translated or generalized to people who are LTBGQ.

Very aware.

I noticed this announcement about Seven Straight Nights and Jay Bakker (son of Tammy Faye and Jimmy of Heritage USA fame). It is a ministry of welcoming and bringing together LGBTQ people with straight people. The much-pierced and tattooed evangelist is trying to bring a community together through the act of welcoming.

Click here for more.

Pace, B

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