Monday, August 18, 2008

Berlin Monument to LGBTQ People Vandalized

I was struck by this article on re: the act of vandalism of the monument to LGBTQ people in Berlin. It is a solid grey block with a movie showing inside of it with two men kissing.
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This blog entry made me think of the monuments and memorials to LGBTQ people in our country. In the Castro area there are lots of plaques and reminders of the LGBTQ movement; NYC; D.C....yes? Should our monuments and memorials be made of stone and metal, or living monuments, donations and funds of money given for people to express the legacy of the people who made our lives possible.

I met a young man who was a student at Duke Divinity School, gay, and he told me that when he started to ask the tough questions re: LGBTQ people and theology, some people (faculty?) remembered me and said he would be the same kind of person...trouble?

Our legacy lives on only if we keep on telling our stories.

Pace, B


manxxman said...

Were you considered trouble while you were at Duke.....did you ruffle feathers.....surely not a christian thing to do. Oh that's right some guy around 2000 years ago was good at upsetting the pot with answers that drove them nuts.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

To use a quote from Scripture: "You say I am" (Matt. 27:11).