Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fagiography...Or Who are Our Beloved Ones in the LGBTQ Community

Hagiography is the study of saints.

Fagiography, according to a paper presented in 2003 at the American Academy of Religion gathering, is the study of the "beloved" people who have led the LGBTQ community for several years, and have literally "stood out" because of their witness to living truthfully and honestly.

My friend Brian brought the term to my mind recently, and when reading about the upcoming movie presentation(s) on the life and times of Harvey Milk of S.F., I've thought about the beloved people who have lived life largely, broadly, and fabulously.

And who are the LGBTQ parents who stand out? Dan Savage has done a remarkable job of "putting truth" out there in my estimation as a gay parent. There are others who have written books on the subject, and they stand out. Lots of lesbian parents stand out, who published and pioneered the way for adoption, in vitro medicine techniques, and day care programs.

Bruce Steele.

Richard Rodriguez.

Michael Signorile.

Andrew Sullivan.

Mandy Carter.

David Mixner.




Jen said...

My dad was one of them and I could name handfuls of other great gay parents but won't for respect of their privacy.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Then, in the name of the countless saints, including your dad, I respect and honor him, and them, for their witness.