Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Dads and Moms Were Out Last Night at the NC Gay Lesbian Film Festival in Durham, NC

Last night at the NC Gay-Lesbian Film Festival in Durham, NC, at the Carolina Theatre, there were plenty of gay and lesbian moms and dads. We were there without kids during a showing of "Another Gay Sequel." Not many kids, but we all roared, booed, went "ewww" in response to the "in-house" jokes.

For four days we have seen a few of the many films there: "Were the World Mine" dealt with a young man struggling to be gay in a prep school, which was similar to "Ready? OK!" where a young gay boy wants to be a cheer leader in a prep school. "Save Me" was about a young man coming to terms with being gay in a reparative therapy center in NM, starring Chad Allen, while "Newcastle" had one tangential gay character set in an Australian city near the beach, with great surfing scenes.

This morning? "Boystown" which is about gentrifying neighborhoods, and "3-Day Weekend," which is "Love, Valor, Compassion" goes to camp.

Off to the movies!

Pace, B


manxxman said...

I "bumped" into your blog through another blog (how original). I am slowly making my way thru, just wanted to say hello and that I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Enjoy the blog! And thanks for reading it...B