Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sen. Ted Kennedy's Shout-Out to Gays

While watching last night's television coverage of the Democratic convention (Hi, I'm Brett. I'm a newsaholic), we were all agog when Sen. Ted Kennedy mentioned "gays and straights" in his remarks! What was also interesting was the deafening silence after including us in his speech. There was no roar of the crowd, or uptick in applause. Yet he did mention us!

On queerty.com and towleroad.com, there was coverage of Andy Tobias, the openly gay treasurer of the Democratic party. And there have been other visible signs of the LGBTQ community at the Democratic convention in leadership and speaking positions, though you have to go to CSPAN to capture many of those moments--darn you other cable shows and MSM. Click here for Andy Tobias comments.

It is time to be seen, known, and heard.

Pace, B

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