Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Camp" Camp: Sign Us Up

On, there was an interesting article on "Camp" Camp, which runs for a week (end of August) for LGBTQ folks. There are both the usual camp activities--pottery, lanyard making--and the unusual, e.g., food is better. Sleeping in bunks is necessary. But the schedule is such that you have time to relax and lounge all day, or go into every activity.

The nice thing? It leads people away from a "booze and bod" environment. Many of the people we know who are gay are many times people in which alcohol is a central part of our gatherings. Going to a "gay bar" when I am visiting a city is a place that I know I will meet other gay men. Alcohol, in moderation: good thing. But there has also been a history of many gay men who are also alcoholics. We've also been aware of a rise in smoking among many of our gay friends.

Nice alternative! Click here for more.

Pace, B

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