Thursday, August 21, 2008

Andrew Sullivan and his Partner's First Wedding Anniversary

I think Andrew Sullivan makes many good points about marriage and gays in his latest entry on, though I wish he would include his partner's name and not just focus on his own name and identity. Most married couples--straight ones at least--do mention their spouses name at least once.


Anyway: Sullivan is right in these ways:
* Marriage gives people another name to call those of us who are LGBTQ and in relationship: spouse. We are still partners, lovers, and even, at times, friends, though that is something harder to attain.

* Weddings: straight people, and those of us who are LGBTQ who have been performing weddings, know all the rites and legends about weddings.

* Why are we calling them "gay" or "lesbian" weddings? Isn't a wedding a wedding? Or do the two we are seeing wed who are gay all that different from the straight couple being married?

Questions abound after reading the essay.

Oh dear...

More questions will come soon...


Click here if you want to read it.

Best of wishes, Andrew and ______! Well, Best of Wishes, Mr. and Mr. Andrew Sullivan!


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manxxman said...

One way of solving the problem is by doing it the way straight people have been doing for addressing the envelope to Mr. and Mr. Andrew Sullivan.