Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Latest Fashion of Role Models: Ellen, Portia, and Rachel! Let's hear a round of applause!,, and all had the news, "ripped from the headlines":
First Portia and Ellen got married. After both of them had been in several public relationships (Oh, Ms. Heche, where are you? Who are you? What are you?), they both found each other, and took advantage of the new liberties in the state of CA. "Good on you!" as they say in my family.

Then the other headliner was Rachel Maddow, that wonderful, smart, announcer/pundit/politico, a Rhodes Scholar no less, who has her own show not only on AirAmerica, but now on MSNBC! Way to go!

Having such open and transparent celebrations and promotions helps us all, giving those of us who are still in the DADT closet permission to realize what life could be like outside of the closet.
It also helps my children see what LGBTQ people are doing in the world too!



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