Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It Takes More Than Love and Money to Make a Family

I spotted this article on towleroad.com, and had to add my two-cents to it: this is an article who are decrying the rights of a heterosexual married (operative word) couple in raising kids, with all the laws, etc., that they get to protect and raise children and care for the family, but this family of 2-now-4, together for 10 years, get zilch. Click here for more.

My son did not make the soccer team this year. This is not great news, but his world is slowly being re-built, thanks to his mom, sister, and Dean and I. It reminds me that being family is more than about having money and insurance, or some of the other legal protections. Love is the major component, along with self-control, friendship, goodness, courage, desire, and a few other virtues that are a component of the kind of character we are. A family is shaped by the very virtues that are as old as Aristotle, Jesus, and Oprah.



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