Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympians...Who Happend to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans

Greg Louganis. I could never get enough of Greg diving in S. Korea during the Olympics. I would watch and swoon. I was shocked when he hit his head and blood was flowing, and secretly people talked about the possibility of being "infected, you know, AIDS..."

What a body! What a man! What an inspiration for people who happen to be gay, and also happen to be HIV+.

They are role models. I wouldn't say heroes per se, but these people changed the face of how we are known, seen, perceived, and celebrated...and sometime derided.

Matthew Mitcham is doing something similar as a diver from Australia. "Good on 'im," would say my friends from NZ and Oz (that's his image above).

I'm not sure who the other Olympians are who are LGBTQ. I know who I would like to be the other Olympians (they are swimming right now in men's relays and individual events, or getting on mats in gymnastics, or training for a trace and field meet, playing basketball, baseball, fencing, karate...).

As I was told years ago, "come on out, the water is fine!" And so it is.

List more LGBTQ Olympians...Pace, B

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