Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Homosexual Agenda Put On Hold Again... I give Parker (son) money to go out with his high school friends for dinner at Armadillo Grill, reminding him to cut the grass in the backyard (we have four acres), talk to Adrianne (daughter) on the phone, who is happily off to her third year of college, talk to my mom about my dad's condition (he is slowly dying), put the dogs outside to play, while saying "see ya' later" to Dean (the partner) while picking up the phone call from my former wife about Parker's first day of school (Monday)...the homosexual agenda (?) has been put on hold again.

When I read about the law-makers of Arkansas working to ban all gay (LGBTQ) couples from adopting children--and we tend to choose children in foster kids and adopt kids with disabilities that no other "straight" couples choose--I want to ask this question: what gives? What is it about our family(s) that you find threatening? Again: read the story above. We look like every other American, middle class, very white-bread family, where the dad in this picture is an ordained clergyperson in the Presbyterian Church (USA, 25 years!) save for the fact (and it is a fact) that I am in a 13 year relationship with another man. And that man and I love each other "through thick and thin" times.

Click here for more about Arkansas.

Also note: that Gov. Jindahl of LA. has let lapse protection of LGBTQ folks in terms of discrimination policies in the state, while letting the usual--race, religion, gender, social economic backgrounds--stand.

Laws matter. And getting those LGBTQ people, and straight allies voted into office, matters, from the school board to the leadership post of Church and the highest offices of this land.



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