Friday, August 29, 2008

A Question Before Me

Question: can a Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor--who has been ordained for 25 years, served eight churches as pastor or interim pastor while working as a seminary professor, writer, and entrepreneur, raised a family of two kids and two dogs, along with a former wife and living in an open, committed relationship with another man for 13 years, traveled around the world, written 8 published books, with two more under contract, numerous articles, preached and presented papers before thousands of people--be an interim pastor in a church--where God has called him through an extensive search process and affirmation by the Committee on Ministry--that is located in what the church members call a "conservative town" in northern North Carolina?

Yes. I've learned again that the Spirit of God will blow wherever the Spirt wills. Such is the Spirit of Love.




Mud said...

Of course! Thay need you! That is why it is called "a calling!"

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

I agree, one hundred percent!

manxxman said...

It's a blessing the ever widening acceptance of all God's children.