Monday, August 25, 2008

Out Lesbian Olympians: You Rock!

Along with Matthew Mitcham and a few athletes who have got to be gay (and they do wear Speedos, don't they...), there is news on about some great out lesbian Olympians. When Andrew Sullivan forgot to mention them in his drooling over Matthew Mitcham, I was eager to put them on display.

So: here they are!

Enjoy the article by clicking here!

I raise my coffee mug (it is Monday morning) and scone (ditto) to the wonderful out Olympian lesbians!

This goes back to lifting up role models that closeted LGBTQ children, teens, young adults, adults and older adults can look at and gain a little more courage to be the people God created them--well, us--to be. It is only by putting our story in the life-stories of others that we start to gain courage that we can be the people God created us to be in all its wondrous glory and complexity.

Pace, B

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