Thursday, August 28, 2008

President Clinton's Shout Out to Gays?!

Along with Sen. Kennedy, President Clinton, a.k.a., Bill, a.k.a., Bubba, who brought us DADT, had a shout-out to gays in his speech last night. He also suggested that along with stepped up efforts to stop the spread of AIDS/HIV in foreign countries, we step up efforts in this country. I guess abstinence-only sex ed. programs just don't seem to be doing the job the Bush Administration proposed...a big thanks to all the conservative religious zealots who pushed that idea upon this Administration, much to the detriment and loss of life of hundreds of thousands of young people now infected with a STD.

And there are stories of LGBTQ gatherings with Michelle Obama, with my LGBTQ and straight friends who supported Hillary Clinton trying to reconcile Obama's win.

With the shout-outs and presence of the major players of the Democratic party hobnobbing with LGBTQ folks at the DNC gathering in Denver, CO, it will be interesting to see what the RNC gathering is like next week in two of my favorite cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. I'll be listening, much to my family's consternation.

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