Friday, June 6, 2008

Who Wants to Be Part of a Club Where We are Second Class Citizens?

Women and LGBTQ people are in a quandary: why do we remain members of groups in which we are treated with disdain and second class citizenry, e.g., the Church? For example, women cannot be priests or deacons in the Catholic church because of their gender, yet closeted gay priests and deacons are not "touched." Women are not allowed to be pastors in most Southern Baptist churches. Likewise: LGBTQ folks who are open are not allowed to be ordained in most Protestant denomination churches, let alone be married, etc.

So on,, etc., there were two articles that stuck out: one was a Northern Ireland Member of Parliament who was talking about the virtues of a psychiatrist who does reparative therapy, while a Bishop of the Anglican Communion from Uganda wants an apology in regards to the position many members of the Anglican Communion takes toward LGBT people: they're for our ordination, marriage, etc. Click here for more.

Why are we members? Because we are also people of faith. and the Spirit that resides in our sisters and brothers who want us removed or "confess" and turn away from living normally resides in us. And it is a Spirit that is calling for a time of prophecying and speaking out in the name of God. As the United Church of Christ has made much of: God is still speaking, and there is a "comma" after that line, not a period.

Time to change.



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