Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Spirit of Uganda

A few weeks ago, Dean and I went to a marvelous performance production of "The Spirit of Uganda" at UNC's Memorial Hall. This was a dance and song performance of young boys and girls whose parents and families have been ravaged by the spread of AIDS. The spirit of joy on the stage, the brilliance of the choreography and rhythmic wonders of song and drum were electrifying. It was one of those performances that could never be captured on c.d. or DVD.

Then to read this morning about the arrest of gay AIDS activists in Kampala, because they were making a protest in favor of LGBTQ Ugandans being provided health care as well as the rest of the population affected by AIDS. Click here for more.

This is not the "spirit" of Uganda that we saw on display at UNC. In other words, this is the "spirit" of the government, but it is not the spirit of the Ugandan people who know, first hand, the ravages of AIDS in a land that is desperate for help in controlling the spread of this disease.

It is time to change how we who are LGBTQ are seen.



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