Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gay Dad Stories

I searched for some gay dad stories in honor of Fathers' Day tomorrow. I didn't check this out on Mothers' Day (sorry), but I'm not finding a lot of stories of gay dads on the usual,,, or sites. The dearth of stories might be indicative that we gay dads and lesbian moms are, well, not on the popular gay "radar" or "gaydar."

When I went around Googling this morning, looking for stories of gay dads, I found this one website, a support group of sorts, for gay dads, with lots of stories. From the language like "Bloody hell," and spelling, like "honour" instead of "honor," I could tell it was most likely British. Click here for some stories.

As for my story? Please pick up my book ON BEING A GAY PARENT and read a story!



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