Monday, June 9, 2008

"And they lived happily ever after": Gene Robinson and Mark Andrew Are In a Civil Union

In America, the script calls for wedding dresses, tuxes, cakes, flowers, candles, music, half-filled columns of colored sand to be mixed (don't ask), doves, mylar balloons, rice or bird seed in a bag ready to be thrown in celebration as an ancient fertility-cult practice.

All of that was missing in the picture of Mark Andrew and Gene Robinson's "civil union photo," posted on this morning. What was present was love: watching the two men gazing with love into one another's eyes was heart-warming, though the person in the middle looked less than thrilled to be in the photo. (click here).

Will they live happily ever after? Their lives are already a witness to the power of love as they maintain a relationship that includes a daily dose of harassment, uncomfortable stares, being able to withstand the onslaught of name calling nationally and universally, bullet-proof vests, and guards.

What a way to begin "unionized" life!

With my morning coffee mug, I toast Gene and Mark! Happy Trails!


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