Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Step Toward Inclusion: The B Amendment is Cracked Open Again

Closer vote than I thought it was going to be: the GA of the PCUSA voted to delete what is called the "B" amendment of the Book of Order, part of the Constitution of the Church. The B amendment was added several years ago, thanks in large part to the folks with the Layman conservative group, in which it states that in order to be ordained we must live "in fidelity in marriage and chastity in singleness."

I know of few people these days who could ever live up to this standard. This isn't because they are impure or bad people. But lust is lust, whether you act on it or not. One can sin with one's eyes open wide, and fantasize...yes?

Here's the vote: The General Assembly voted 380-325-3 to send an amendment to presbyteries that would delete G-6.0106b and add wording that ties call decisions to ordination vows.

The fight is afoot.

We are engaged in several battles to win this war.

It is a fight toward peace & reconciliation...


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