Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Transvestite Wives" on BBC-TV America

Caught up in the stories of three transvestite wives on BBC-TV America: "Transvestite Wives." It is an amazing show, following the lives of three men, married to women, who are transvestites, claiming and living their inner woman. None of the men-to-women are talking about sex change, but are dressing as women, which seems more like a cross-dresser than trans per se, though there are discussions with men-to-women operations and hormone treatments. The women whom these trans are married to seem to have a lot of fun with their man-to-woman as "girlfriends" while shopping for clothes, going out on a date, dining.

It is a fascinating phenomenon, listening to these stories of change and courage. I don't quite understand it all, which is why I am enjoying listening to the stories. I know that it is a courageous way of living, walking into the light of day, blending in, trying not to get spotted as being unusual. These are people looking forward to being accepted for who they are.

Peace, B

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