Friday, June 13, 2008

Stories of Fathers Who Are Gay and Their Children

This morning's hit on held in its list of interesting news-worthy stories this story of gay dads in Seattle, who adopted young children whose names all begin with a "Z": Zach, Zayn, and Zeth, and their dads Devin and Geoffrey. Devin and Geoffrey have been a couple for over a decade, and they work in the telecom business while living in one of the suburbs of Seattle area. They have a rather normal, ordinary life: they go to church, shop at Costco, and watch Disney movies on their big screen t.v. Don't tell them that Disney animated films usually have single parents raising kids, from "Bambi," "Lion King," to "Aladdin," and "Beauty and the Beast," not to mention "Snow White," and "Cinderella." No American nuclear family in Disney animated films!

For the next few "blog" entries I am going to include stories of gay dads. I should have done the same with lesbian year! Why? I want us to read and know and understand how many of "us" are "out there" in the world, living life in all its fun times and challenges. And for those of you who read the blog and are in the closet, there aren't enough stories for us to consider as we look at our own futures.


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