Saturday, June 7, 2008

Faith Communities' Role in Teaching People to Harass LGBTQ People

I've linked here my latest "Letter to the Editor" in today's Raleigh "News and Observer," in response to an essay in the News and Observer by Shannon Gilreath who wrote about institutions like schools and homes that teach and nurture harassment toward LGBTQ people. My letter was published today, 6-7-08, in which I state that it happens to be communities of faith that teach harassment and hate toward LGBTQ people every time we are denied ordination, a wedding, a role in leadership, entry through sanctuary doors, acceptance of a sacrament, a place in religious instruction, or pastoral care.

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It is time for us to change not only the wider society, but what I see and hear is one of the first places that hate and harassment of LGBTQ people is taught and nurtured: communities of faith.

Peace, B

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