Friday, June 6, 2008

Civil Unions in Vermont: More Like Marriage Than First Thought?

In the New York Times on-line, there was an article about a lesbian couple who were in a civil union in Vermont, in which one of the women had a transforming experience when she became a Christian, and is now no longer a lesbian since she moved to Virginia, and is now declaring that the child is hers, and is not to visit with the former lesbian partner. But the Virginia Supreme Court said that the now-transformed lesbian-turned-heterosexual must share custody with her former partner. Click here for more.

What was interesting was the observation by the lawyer for the former lesbian who understands that changes in the laws in Massachusetts and California, along with the other states with domestic partnership bills, allowing us legal rights, will change the rules on child custody...and for the better. Better? Because we will be entrusted for the overall care for our children not only relationally, spiritually, intellectually, but legally as well. And this is all for the good.



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