Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Morning After: Sun is Out, Blue Sky Above, and Gay Marriage in CA!

Last night, a rain shower came through and washed the earth in North Carolina. This morning, the sun is out, blue sky above with white clouds racing by; the red oleander is beautiful with fuchsia blossoms...and Californians who are lesbian or gay are marrying in their home state, along with other folks from other states.

This morning on all the morning cable shows and network news, along with websites, e.g., nyt.com (click here), not only about gay marriage in CA, but also looking to MA for hindsight perspective. It looks like there have been a steadily declining number of gay and lesbian marriages in MA, while there are now divorces among those who are gay or lesbian. In other words, things are pretty darn normal in MA, as they are and will be in CA.

And as we who are LGBTQ are getting married, straight couples are still getting married. There are no reports of a lessening of straight marriages in MA.

What a beautiful morning!



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