Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Teaching and Learning: the Challenge for Our Churches

What I have come to realize in the middle of the General Assembly of the PCUSA--after listening to some weird half-truths, lies, and myths-turned-factual--is that we who are LGBTQ and straight allies have a great deal of work to do in correcting people's mis-perceptions of who we are, how we live our lives, and how we love.

Case in point: I have heard that we are lousier parents than straight couples, and that the healthiest children are raised "by a mom and a dad"; that we who are LGBTQ couples or single or more promiscuous; that we who are LGBTQ don't need all the laws that straight couples get in marriage because "they shouldn't be raising kids anyway." I heard this in committee meetings of the General Assembly, as well as in hallways. I have watched people praying for us without asking me what they should be praying about (making us straight, of course), and have heard Jesus referred to as one woman's "lover" in explaining her transformation from lesbian to straight.

There is a lot of teaching to be done "out there": the harvest is ready, but are there enough people to do the harvesting?


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the need for a father? said...

If you mean children of donated egg and sperm, they are growing up and speaking out as the young adults that they now are.

Sadly, they are noy happy, and it is with much regret that I write this, as I know that this must mean to you, but please see Tangled Webs and DonorMisconception websites as they are the donateds websites.

Crucially, the childhood diseaes cystic fibrosis and blood disorders need the two biologial parents on hand anyway.