Thursday, June 12, 2008

How Gay is Your Church?

Interesting article in "Jewish Living!" Around 3,700 rabbis and synagogue presidents are going to be asked this question: how gay is your shul? There is a massive campaign to assess, rate, and see how inclusive shuls are in welcoming LGBT people.

From the article:
"Most synagogues in the U.S. are walking advertisements for heterosexuality," says Gregg Drinkwater, executive director of Jewish Mosaic, one of the organizations behind the LGBT Welcoming Synagogues Project, which launched in April. (The other partners are the Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and the S3K Synagogue Studies Institute of Synagogue 3000, a think tank whose aim is revitalizing synagogue life.) "Shuls think they're more inclusive than they really are. They're family-oriented businesses, and that's alienating for people who don't see their own families reflected."

Click here for more. Thanks for for this essay.

So here is my question, and perhaps we can get some people contributing to a fund for carrying this out: how gay is the Presbyterian Church (USA)? What kind of survey would we pull together, and who would fund this fascinating study? I've seen such studies done on the issue of disability concerns, and have participated in drawing them up. It would not be that difficult to come up with an easy survey that would give us a "snapshot" of how LGBTQ our congregations are in the Protestant Churches, Catholic, Orthodox, Pentecostal, and Evangelical.

Let's do it!

Anyone reading this blog want to fund it?



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