Friday, July 25, 2008

Where DO Gay Dads and Lesbian Moms Hang Out?

Amid the good news of the HIV Travel Ban being lifted by Congress, and television's "Torchwood" John Barrowman's search for what makes us LGBTQ, had this interesting little article about networking options for gay men who are tired of the "party scene," or over the "party scene." While there is a time and place for the "party" or "bar scene," and I'm all for it (including visiting the scene from time to time), those of us with children on weekends and weekdays simply don't have the option of "going out to the bar," let alone sometimes the funds for going out and "partying" too much, thanks to soccer, dance, college tuition, etc.

So where do "us" gay dads, lesbian moms, etc., go to network and hang out, either with children or without children? Our situation in life makes our "discussion topics" slightly different than our "single" or "coupled" friends. Children simply changes life in never-ever-again ways.

Click here for more about the article.

Feel free to share where you "hang out" and network!




Jen said...

I just found your blog and would like to add it to my blogroll. jen

Brett said...

Thanks! Glad you found "us!"

Peace, Brett

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