Saturday, July 19, 2008

LGBT in the Military: Wider Acceptance? DADT About Over? Could It Be?

One of my most memorable summers as a young person was at a Civil Air Patrol "camp" outside of Spokane, Washington. I was a cadet rather than a scout in those days. And one of the unexpected unspoken experiences was an incredibly memorable--in a good way--love-making session with another cadet...and yes, same sex. We did it all "under the sheets," not wanting to be caught. Perhaps because it was so stealthy, with both of us holding our respective sheets up to our necks while our hands did all the exploring in the darkness of night made the sex that much hotter.

Most of the cadets went into military service, usually the Air Force, while I went right to college, include the cadet I made love with that night.

It was good to read in that there is a movement toward letting LGBT people openly serve in the military. Why not? Other countries to it just fine. Click here for more.

Now, about the Church...

Pace, B

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