Friday, July 4, 2008

The State of Our Union: There's Work to Do....

I got on the airplane this morning from Portland to Seattle for my cross-country trip. The nice young man who was sitting next to me opened his copy of the Oregonian about the same time I opened my copy of the newspaper, with the news of Tom Beatie giving birth to a baby girl. My acquaintance sitting next to me simply said, "I pity that baby," while my reaction was "a baby girl!"

Tom Beatie is transgender (female to male), who lives in Bend, OR, along with his wife and new child. He has been on the cover of several blogs and web sites, along with an appearance on "Oprah." The rage was covering the first pregnant man, though they usually put the word "man" in quotes, the implication being that he was or was not considered a "real man." After all, I never see quotes around my gender or sex when describing who I am.

To Tom and family: congrats! Enjoy the new life that will do amazing things with us and in spite of us. Well done!

To America: we have some work to do...

Peace on July 4th!


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